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By Someone December 29th, 2007

It is supposed to be taken on a regular basis to safeguard your stomach.

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If you are on a method of birth control it is still feasible to come to be expectant, bear in mind that even.

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[Ref] The recommended grownup oral dose of Cytotec for lessening the threat of NSAID-induced gastric abscess is 200 mcg 4 times daily with meals.

“Always ensure you speak with your medical service provider if there is a chance you might be expecting presently.”

Cytotec should be taken with a dish, and also the last dose of the day ought to be at bed time.

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    If you believe you may have conceived throughout the duration of therapy with Cytotec quit taking this medicine and call your physician for more directions.

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    In topics getting Cytotec 400 or 800 mcg daily in medical tests, one of the most regular gastrointestinal damaging events were diarrhea and stomach discomfort.

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    It might induce abortion, early childbirth, or abnormality.