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SPECIAL NOTE FOR WOMEN: Cytotec might trigger abnormality, abortion(occasionally insufficient), or early effort if provided pregnant women. View Clinical Pharmacology. Do not take additional of this medicine compared to suggested by your medical carrier. Cytotec is a really convenient medicine in regards to interactions -it has not been stated to communicate with other medicines. Avoid taking Cytotec in addition to magnesium-containing antacids to lessen the risk of diarrhea. Do not take double dosage if you missed out on the booked one. As this could stop you from experiencing looseness of the bowels if you are overly delicate to different drugs you might be suggested to take Cytotec with some food. It's important to make use of just the most dependable procedures of security to avoid obtaining expecting.

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Ask your wellness care service provider if Cytotec might interact with other medications that you take. Cytotec should not be used by expecting women as it has actually been stated to cause womb tightenings and result in miscarriage. You will certainly should take Cytotec four times a day unless prescribed or else.